Stanton Bench Dog Starter Set

Stanton Bench Dog Starter Set


A collection of all the basics for starting your bench dog experience.

Select  a color for your 20mm dog set containing the following;

2x YS-DOG-01 Bench Dog
2x YS-DOG-05 Bench Dog with Angled Top
2x YS-DOG-06 Bench Dog with Flat Side
2x YS-DOG-07 Bench Dog with M8(for 20mm) or 5/16(for 3/4″) Threaded Center
2x YS-DOG-08 Long Dog with M8(for 20mm) or 5/16(for 3/4″) Threaded Center
1x YS-DOG-10 Bench Dog Elbow with 96mm Centers
1x YS-DOG-11 Bench Dog Straight with 96mm Centers
2x YS-DOG-12 Clamp
4x YS-DOG-14 Painting Cap for Bench Dog and Long Dog
2x YS-KN-01 M8(for 20mm) or 5/16(for 3/4″) (Each knob include 1 bolt and 1 nut)

6x YS-DOG-09- M8 Bench Stand with M8 Threaded Stud and Wood Insert

3D Printed using PLA Plastic Filament. Printed when ordered.

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