Stepper Motor Temperature Monitors

Stepper Motor Temperature Monitors


Heat is the enemy of your stepper motors!

Use these convenient, fool-proof labels to easily monitor the temperature of your stepper motors with a quick glance. The temperature window instantly turns from black to green when the target temperature is reached. As your stepper motors heat up and cool down, these labels will continuously monitor and indicate the temperature of the motor case.

Included is 8 labels total -

(4) “Low range” labels (86° - 140° F, 30° - 60° C)

(4) “High range” labels (140° - 194° F, 60° - 90° C)

Place one “low range” and one “high range” label on each stepper. For everyday use, the temperature should stay within the range of the “low range” label. For extreme use, temperatures above 80° C (176° F) should be avoided to prevent damage to the stepper motors.

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