Yellowbox Shed Magnaboot Dustboot for X-Carve

Yellowbox Shed Magnaboot Dustboot for X-Carve


Note - dust boots are made to order. Expect a variable leadtime of approximately two to four weeks.

Save yourself a big mess when doing X-Carving. This 3D printed PLA hood is secured to the machine using rare earth magnets - no need for additional fasteners! It also comes with all magnets, screws and brush surround to contain the dust and chips. The long brush virtually eliminates risk of clamp or material strikes.


Includes the option to select between mounts that match to original Z Axis, the CNC4NEWBIES Z Axis, the 3DTek CNC or the TDBCNC Supergrade Z Axis


Just connect your dust extractor and breathe freely! The dust port connection size is for 4" flex ducting.

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