Complete 3GT 9mm Belt Upgrade Kit

Complete 3GT 9mm Belt Upgrade Kit

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This complete kit has everything you need to upgrade your X-Carve’s X and Y axis to 9mm 3GT belting. Compatible with 1/4” shaft stepper motors.

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Here is what’s included:

(6) 2nd Generation 9mm belt clips w/ hardware (The best selling 9mm belt clips on the market!)

(6) Smooth Idler Kit for 9mm belting

(3) Timing Pulley, 20 Tooth, for 3GT belting, 1/4” bore with Upgraded Set Screws for Y axis

(3) 1.2 meter (48”) lengths of 3GT 9mm belting

Calibration Instructions

Select the “Add Extra Belt” option to add 3 additional 48” lengths of belting. We always recommend having spare belt on hand just in case!

Note: The stock motor pulleys have to be removed in order to use this kit. For newer machines, they are crimped onto the shaft and may take significant “persuasion” to remove. Careful work with a dremel cutoff wheel can split the pulley vertically allowing it to be easily removed. Heat or small gear pullers are alternative methods to remove the pulley.

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