Supergrade DirectDrive Z Axis

Supergrade DirectDrive Z Axis

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The original linear block bearing Z axis for X-Carve, now available for Shapeoko and Openbuilds machines.

This rock solid Z axis uses four linear block bearings for super precise motion with no unwanted wiggle. The 4 start acme screw and anti-backlash nut allow for 6 inches of smooth, quick motion. Built on a standard 20 series extrusion, this slider can be easily adapted to almost any CNC machine!

Eliminate that annoying rocking and chatter that is common with other aftermarket Z sliders!

6” of travel


tbd cnc Supergrade DirectDrive Z Axis

Nema23 standoff with embedded aluminum supports

Limit switch with adjustable mount

Mounting hardware

Just bolt on your 1/4” shaft NEMA 23 stepper, and you’re ready to go!

Note - If you’re reusing the stock motor from a newer X-Carve, you will need to remove the pulley via a gear puller or carefully cut if off with a Dremel tool.

Recalibration instructions available here.

Compatible with Magnaboot Dust Shoe from!

Make finding X, Y, and Z zero a breeze - check out the Triquetra P3 from Triquetra CNC!

Spindle mount type:
Include 269 oz/in X-Carve style Stepper Motor w/ pigtail?:
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